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Graphic design

The Range

- Website -

The Range website was designed and built by Elli in 2019. The Range is the Lane families newest property and home, a beautifully designed Spanish inspired Farm House. The Lane’s property portfolio also includes The Farm Byron Bay and The Beach House. Tegan Miller designed the elegant branding for The Range and helped with art direction throughout the project. The website brief was to take the user on a journey, whilst educating them on the services The Range has to offer, these being location hire and luxury accomodation. Visit The Range website to see more…


Sunflower Seed Packaging

- The Farm Byron Bay - 

These sunflower seeds can be purchased from The Farm Byron Bay inside the Garden Shed Nursery.  Elli illustrated and designed the sunflower seed packaging to be sold at the Farm. The Farm is a working farm situated in Byron Bay, home to a collection of micro- businesses. Their motto is to "Grow. Feed. Educate", with a constant goal of supporting eco friendly practices and the local community. Please note that The Farm logo was not designed by Elli. 


Sugar me pretty

- logo Design -

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Lauren Sutton Makeup Artist

- logo design -

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Blue Vale Films

- logo design and animation -


Maison De Lumiere

- Logo Design -

Hemp Foods Australia 

- Illustration and Animation -

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Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 2.05.48 pm.png
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Sunglass Fix

- Illustration, video and animation -  

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Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 11.21.03 am.png
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- Logo Design-

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Enova Energy

- animation and Illustration -