Elli B Design




Mustard's Tale

  -Short Film- 

Mustard's Tale is a short 3D animation about an old dog with a special tail. When Mustard sees his human having a bad day, he tries to lift her spirits by playing a game. However, a room full of paint may not be the best place for Mustard to play in... 




- Modelling and texturing -

This Still Life scene was designed and built by Elli using the 3D software; Maya. She painted textures for the scene in Photoshop and MudBox, while also utilising maps and RenderMan surface shaders to mimic real life surfaces. This was a fun project for Elli as she has a love for lighting, look development and of course, ice cream.  



Food For Thought 

- Short Film -

Elli made this short animation in 2016 as a 2nd year assignment for University. The brief was to interview a person on "food ethics" and animate a character to fit the audio recording. This quirky little grub was modelled, rigged and animated in Maya and textured with RenderMan. 



After The Apology 

- animated Documentary -

After the Apology is a documentary directed by Larissa Behrendt and Marieka Walsh, exploring the continued practice of indigenous child removal in Australia and the community response. The film contains 4 short animated stories in which Elli worked as a Masking and Colouring artist. 



Little Snots

- Pitch Bible -

In 2015, Elli first imagined the bizarre notion of little snot creatures living inside the human nostril and created Concept Art for the idea. A couple of years later, Tayla Colley and Elli decided to explore the idea further as a children's TV series...




- Short Film -

Something crawling around the food court just out of sight is a small creature cleaning up after others, here's a short film showing this crazy creature in action. 

Elli Byrne and Tayla Colley created this film using live action footage and 2D photoshop animation. Sound design by Lachlan Cole, Taylor Fuller and Jack Woodward. 





- Motion Graphics -

These Motion Graphic sequences explore the thematic of "pressure". They were made by Elli using Illustrator and Aftereffects.